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Worm Gear Box



Ever since Elmech Engineering Company's establishment 15 years ago, we have strived to achieve new frontiers of technical excellence. Gear units are manufactured in different sizes and ratios in adaptable, SU and Fix mounting type. It is available from 44.5 mm to 304.8 mm center distance and 5:1 to 70:1 in a single stage and up to 4900:1 in a double stage.

Gear Case: Gear case abundant ribs which augment heat dissipating area. It is robust in construction, made of close-grained cast iron. It is completely oil-tight and dust-proof.

Worm / Worm Wheel: The worm is made of case - hardening alloy steel. Worms are generated on thread milling machines, gas carburized and profile ground. Worm wheels are made of phosphorous bronze. Worm wheels are hobbed on precision hobbing machines. Gear design ensures uniform transmission of angular velocity under all load conditions with higher efficiency.

Bearings: The worm and worm wheels are sustained on the ball or roller bearings of sufficient margin of safety to permit adequate thrust loads.

Wheel Shaft: The wheel shaft is made of high tensile carbon steel. It is of large diameter to hold the torsional as well as bending loads.

Lubrication: Lubrication of gears and bearings is by the splash of oil from the pump. Oil is not supplied with the gear unit. Occasional topping - up of oil is required. Branded oil seals are fitted on input and output shafts. First change of oil is made after 500 hrs of operation. Subsequent oil change must be made after 3000 hrs of operation / 12 Months (whichever is earlier).

Synthetic Lubrication is also available up to 3:0" gear units: Gear units are satisfactorily operational in cement, plastic and other numerous industries. Units will work safely provided that they are selected, installed, used and maintained properly.







Transmech is a specialized production of various reduction gears. Transmech aluminum body gearboxes are totally dust proof and oil leak proof with an attractive look. The cooling fins in all faces having a maximum surface area exposed to an atmosphere for improved efficiency and more capability of heat dissipation. Due to robust & compact construction, easy interchangeability of input flange is suitable to serve in all operating conditions of every industry. The permissible overhung and shock loads achieved by perfect alignment of accurately bored housing for the ball and taper roller bearing. Case carburized, grounded alloy steel worm shaft ensure a positive oil film and the perfectly hobbed phosphorous bronze worm wheel assures superior efficiency and low noise.

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